New website

August 06 2015
The website is currently being remade due to no-one being able to tolerate php any longer. It is however still in a very rough state, mainly only forums are usable. 
Work in progress and we'll get to prettifying it soon after basic functionality is restored. 
Application process should once again work, so just drop one by filling in the application form linked on the recruitment widget to the left!

Siege of Ogrimmar

December 06 2013

Siege of Orgrimmar heroic came and went. We were really good at updating the front page for each of our new kills as you can see below... As a guild we successfully managed to tear down all 14 bosses first on Auchindoun, which was a first for the guild. Congratulations to all involved in both the officer team and the raiding core.

Without the level of ambition and determination to achieve our goal it would not have been as achievable. I look forward to the merging of difficulties in WoD and our ambition continues onwards and upwards.

When Warlords of Draenor comes around it is a simple case of building on what we have and establishing the foundations. We are considering exceptional applicants of all classes who can help take us in the next steps for Whatever.

Until then though, let's cherish a great moment for the guild.

Pic went missing somewhere
Please find below three PoVs of our kill.

Jacks PoV (Disc Priest)

Slobs PoV (Mage)

Nav PoV (Hunter)


July 16 2013
It has been a long tier, time to enjoy the summer with some farming and prepare for the Siege of Org! Ra-den

Lei Shen

July 14 2013
Throne of Thunder The first week with the combined raid teams of both Whatever and Icecream have been fruitful, very happy to say good job everyone!
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